New York – Manhattan 2018. My Place – awarded photos.

Dear participants, you are welcome to enjoy awarded photos, section my place.
FIAP Gold Medal - Ovi D Pop (Romania) - Weather Snake

FIAP Gold Medal: Ovi D Pop (Romania) – Weather Snake

FIAP Blue Ribbon: Jacques Heritier (France) – Festival dei Colori
FIAP Blue Ribbon: Mike Mills (Norway) – Hanging around on street corners
PSA Gold Medal: Wei Ye (China) – Harvest season
PSA Gold Medal - Wei Ye (China) - Harvest season
PSA Silver Medal: Ivan Kosic (Croatia) – The Tempest
PSA Bronze Medal: Aleksandar Budjevac (Serbia) – memory
PSA Honorable Mention: Chi Kuo-Tai (Taiwan) –
PSA Honorable Mention: Marcel van Balken (Netherlands) – Stationcarpet
PSA Honorable Mention: chandan chakraborty (India) – Day end
MOL Gold Medal: Tomasz Okoniewski (Poland) – storm is coming
MOL Gold Medal - Tomasz Okoniewski (Poland) - storm is coming
MOL Silver Medal: Harjanto Sumawan (Indonesia) – Urban Life
MOL Bronze Medal: Alexander Ivanov (Bulgaria) – Sun shines, rain rains
MOL Diploma: Baris Barlas (Turkey) – NEW YORKER_211
MOL Diploma: Djani Bardoti (Serbia) – Life
MOL Diploma: Sergey Aleshchenko (Russia) – Hamnoy, Lofoten
IAAP Gold Medal: Cihan Karaca (Turkey) – Birds and flying child
IAAP Gold Medal - Cihan Karaca (Turkey) - Birds and flying child
SALON Gold Medal: Boqian Cui (China) – Miao ethnic family
SALON Gold Medal - Boqian Cui (China) - Miao ethnic family
SALON Silver Medal: Damian Morris (England) – The World at Breakfast
SALON Bronze Medal: Catalin Alexandru (Romania) – Alone
SALON Diploma: Stanislav Sitnikov (Russia) – Rainy day
SALON Diploma: Ping Lu (China) – Duotian Scenery
SALON Diploma: Dainius Dirgela (Lithuania) – NYC Pride Parade 4


 Thank you NY1 Minute for supporting New York – Manhattan 2018.

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