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Photography workshop Day and Night in Brooklyn
Meet Yousuf Tushar, Winner of the Photography Contest New York – Manhattan 2018


Respected authors New York – Manhattan exhibition, Please, pay attention to all the details in results referring to you. If you notice any mistake please notify us at our email within seven days. After that all results will be sending to FIAP, PSA and MoL

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New York Manhattan – unofficial results

Section A: MY PLACE Argentina Anibal Ulises Ruiz – Vieja Casa de Amaicha Luis Alberto Franke – Esquina de Trinidad Luis Alberto Franke – Cerros en un rojo amanecer Luis Alberto Franke – Madonna di Vitaleta Luis Alberto Franke –

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Welcome to New York!

Dear friends: Medals for 6 sections from FIAP: Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique for photographic exhibition New York – Manhattan has arrived today in New York City. You are welcome to participate in all sections and run for one of

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*Registration Fee! *Only $20 For All 6 Sections!