Photography Contest New York – Manhattan 2018 DON’T MISS THE EXHIBITION OF THE YEAR

“Everyone is welcome,” said Nikola Veljic, a young and successful partner in Art Bureau NY, describing this year’s competition for International Photography Contest New York – Manhattan, adding that this includes both professional photographers and people who like to take photos as a hobby. Similarly, photographs could be taken by professional cameras or on smartphones. “What is important,” said Veljic, “is that the photography is up ...

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LOVE 2017

Love 2017 - Pause

  LOVE 2017 results: FIAP the best author:  Davoud Ameri (Iran) Section: LOVE FIAP Gold Medal: Michele Di Donato (Italy) My Life PSA Gold Medal: Davoud Ameri (Iran) -Flower for flowers MOL Gold Medal: OviDPop (Romania) – Kiss CLUB Gold Medal: Joao Taborda – Portugal – The Portuguese Lovers PSA Silver Medal: Marcin Michalowski (Belgium) – Intimacy PSA Silver Medal: Pimpin Nagawan (Indonesia) Story Telling FIAP Silver ...

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Brooklyn 2017 – Open Color section

Photography describe the situation but also could describe the trend. Open color is about the color and action.

Brooklyn 2017 is one of our first Photo Contests, very interesting and bring us fantastic photos from more than 165 countries all over the world. If you are ready for the surprise of the year you will participate in Manhattan 2018. It would be an amazing event and maybe your photo will get a gold medal, maybe that will include the ...

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Brooklyn 2017 – Open Monochrome section

Photo Contest

Accepted photos for Open Monochrome Section. A lot of wonderful photos from all over the world will make our Internationa Photography Festival, Brooklyn 2017 an amazing place to be.We are thankful to all authors for all those photos, thank you jury members and thank you for your sponsorship to NY1 Minute.

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Brooklyn 2017 Accepted Photos, Section Child

Mofeed Abu Shalwa (Saudi Arabia) - Victim of war

We are proud to present accepted photos for  Child section. Brooklyn 2017 is your photo contest and for Brooklyn 2018 we will offer 20% discount for participation fee for all participants who participated this year. Thank you all jury members for your hard work and we appreciate NY1 Minute sponzorship.

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Photo Contest Brooklyn 2017 accepted photos – Music

Wolfgang Schweden (Germany) - Flo-ton 2

Dear participants, thank you for your amazing photos, we are so happy to have you at the photo contest Brooklyn 2017.  We are thankful to our jury members, it was not easy to go true all beautiful photos that you judge. Thank you  NY1 Minute for supporting our photo contests and art exhibitions.

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What you need to know if you want to participate in photography festival Brooklyn 2017?

participation Brooklyn 2017

PARTICIPATION The exhibition is open to anyone; however it is important to know that an entry may be rejected when the sponsoring organization or its agent, in its reasonable discretion, believes the entry does not conform to the exhibition rules and conditions. Entries are limited to not more than 4 images per section, category, or class. There are 6 sections. An ...

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Jury of International photography festival Brooklyn 2017

jury Brooklyn 2017

Here we want to present you people who decide which are the best photos from all the entrant’s photos. Who are the jury members for Brooklyn 2017 photography festival? They are one of the best in the world of photography, very well known worldwide:   Zoran Djordjevic The president of jury Zoran Djordjevic, well known Serbian photographer. He graduated top of the class ...

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ENTRY FEE: $15 only until October 1st for 6 sections

Brooklyn exhibition

There was already one big successful exhibition behind us. That was an exhibition New York Manhattan. Some of the awarded work you can see HERE. We had a large number of talented participants from all over the world. Juries had a lot of trouble in making a decision which of all works are the best. All the works were so extraordinary and beautifull ...

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